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Frustrated with Your Check Engine Light?

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Engine Diagnostics in Easton, PA

The check engine light strikes fear into the hearts of drivers each day. Notorious for not being all that helpful at explaining what's wrong with your car, the check engine light conjures pictures of high expenses and unexpected costs. 

The good news is that a check engine light can turn on for a variety of reasons, many of them small fixes. No matter what the problem, you can discover why your check engine light—or another unexplained problem—is occurring with a diagnostic service at P & M Service Center.

Computer diagnostics are one of the many automotive services we provide for Macomb, IL, Colchester, IL, Bushnell, IL, and surrounding areas.

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Identify the Cause of Your Automotive Problem

Is your car or truck not performing like it should? Is a warning light on, or no warning light at all? The service technicians at P & M Service Center can inspect your vehicle, identify the problem, and notify you of the necessary repair service. We have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that lets us hook up to your vehicle and translate error codes. Once we know the problem, we can work with you to schedule the repair service.

Tip: If the check engine light is on, try securing your gas cap first. Sometimes the gas cap can send off an error message. 

The team at P & M Service Center is ready to provide the automotive service you need with the level of quality you expect. Call or stop by today to schedule your appointment.

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